In December 2010, I lost my mother, which is a story for another day. In the beginning of March, I had a feeling that I should go and visit my father for the first time since my mother’s death. So, I called my father telling him I wanted to visit and he gave me a lot of resistance; he was working three days a week, which he was, and we would not have a good visit and thus, I dropped it.

At the end of March, the urge to visit my father was even stronger. So, being am engineer, I figured second or third week of April would be a good time – plenty of time to plan, but I could not find a flight with air miles that would not have me staying for less than 10 days. Being frustrated, I said, what about the first weekend in April, which was only a few days away and I was able to get a flight which arrived on Friday and left on Wednesday. Perfect because my father worked on both of those days and we would visit in between those days.

That would be a wonderful story, if that was the end of the story, but the first weekend of April was the Final Four Weekend for the Men’s NCAA Tournament and my father’s team, the UConn Huskies, was in the Final Four. I knew this, but when I was booking my trip,it was never on my mind.

On Saturday night, we watched the UConn Huskies beat Kentucky and then on Monday night, we watched UConn beat Butler for the championship. My father was very happy, you can only imagine a 74 year old man jumping around like a little kid! To top it off, my sister called and suggested he put UConn #1 on a friend’s van. So, he bounced down the street a soaped up his van.

An exciting memory that I would not of had, unless I followed the energy.