How often are you looking at what is wrong with your life versus what is right? I know that I spend way too much of my time looking at all the things that are going wrong around me instead of all the wonderful things going well for me until I saw Christy Whitman’s “Magnetic Monday’s” message last week, here. Christy made me wonder how much time I spend looking at all the wrong things around me.

Just today, I was worried about not having as much money as I would like to pay on my Visa card and yet, I did not take the full enjoyment of the lunch I had with my daughter today where we shared a wonderful conversation, or that I ran into a friend of mine that I have not seen in a while in the grocery store. Both of these events have way more power and meaning in my life than a few extra dollars to put on my Visa card.

How many things are going well for you in your life today? Are you really appreciating them? Take some time today and really look at your life and appreciate what is going well, and as Christy says, “As you start looking at what is right and good in your life, it raises your vibration and determines what you magnetize into your life.” Go and magnetize something wonderful!