I am very honoured to be a part of Andrea Hylen’s new project Empowered Voices. I met Andrea a few years back through an energy reading that we shared while I was at Starbucks. If I am not mistaken, we cleared some blocks around a non-profit she was working with and I believe eventually lead to her putting together her first book, Fearless Voices.

I knew Andrea was working on another book as I work closely with one of the authors in “Empowered Voices”, Meenal Kelkar. Meenal and I have been working together for over a year coaching each other as we become the people we are meant to be. During one of our sessions, Meenal mentioned her involvement in the project.

A few months ago, Andrea reached out to me on a Friday evening and said, I normally get one man to write a dedication for my projects and your name keeps coming up for me, would you be willing to do it, and by the way, I need it in a week. My initial reaction was that I was honoured to be a part of such a project, but who am I to be saying anything about these wonderful women. There was a big feeling of I am not worthy to be doing this, but I felt into the energy and committed to doing the work.

Andrea had sent me a selection of chapters from the book for me to read so I could write the dedication. Over the weekend, I read the chapters twice and was amazed at the stories that had come across the pages. I felt even more unworthy to be writing a dedication, but I set the stories aside and let my thoughts brew over what I might write.

On Monday and Tuesday, I sat with what I might write and some thoughts we starting to come together, but I was not ready to put anything down yet. I actually forgot about it on Wednesday and with a bit of panic, sat down on Thursday to write it. I cleared my thoughts and made sure I was grounded and let it flow. Within one hour, I was done and what I wrote looked nothing like my initial thoughts were on what I might saw. I picked it back up on Friday and changed a few phrases to make the message flow better and then sent it over to Andrea. Andrea asked if she could tweak a few words and I said ok.

A few days later, Meenal sends me an email saying she loved my dedication as Andrea had posted it to the authors. Wow! All that worry about being worthy for this project was just worry, nothing more. I am still honoured to be a part of this project as the stories are amazing. Thank you for including me Andrea.

The book is available on Amazon, or off the Heal My Voice website and officially launches on Saturday, September 15th. Here is a press release which describes the launch. So, join the party on Saturday and pick up a book. I hope you will find a story in the book that inspires you!