About a month ago, I was driving to work and I was angry. It was a strange feeling as I did not know why was angry. It was hard to feel into the anger while driving and once I got to the office, I got busy and the anger subsided.

When I finally had a chance to talk to a friend of mine, I told her about my experience driving to the office and the anger and she asked me to take some time and look at the anger. As I looked into the anger, I found that I was frustrated with my boss. As I explored the frustration, I voiced the frustration that I had with my boss. My friend said that she really appreciated how I voiced my frustration with my boss as there wasn’t any blame and I was really grounded in what I said.

She then said, that was a good step and that I needed to go deeper. So, I went deeper into the anger and found that I was frustrated with myself. I was not showing up as I expected myself to show up. I was hiding out, at least in my day-to-day life.

It was very interesting to see what the anger was telling me and how I had to dig into the feeling to understand it and the message was under a couple of layers.

When you get angry, are you taking the time to understand why you are angry, or are you just being angry? Next time you get angry, see if there is another message in the anger for you.