What do you value? Have you ever taken the time and really asked yourself what you value? I am not talking about things or activities that are important to you like your house, family, friends, or special interest. I am asking what, deep down, inside your core is important to you?

I am talking about your core values. Do you value love? Happiness? Fun! Integrity? Laughter? What is it deep inside of you that is really important to you?

If you have taken a look at what is important to you, how well are you living your core values? Do your values line up with what you are doing in the world? Do your values line up with how you treat the people that are most important to you?

If not, I can help you! I am offering a course called “Living Your Purposeful Life”. It begins shortly, so go here and find out the details to find out if the course is what you are looking for. I know I can help you, if you are ready!