We recently sold our house and purchased another one and today is moving day! We have had the new house for the past three days and have been moving as much as we could by ourselves during that time. Today, the movers come to move the big stuff.

As I am thinking about the movers coming, it feels a lot like the work that I have been doing to improve myself. I move stuff around, clean stuff out, and improve myself. But there are times, when I can not do it myself and then, I call my friends to assist me in moving out, or cleaning out the stuff that is getting in my way for moving forward.

Do you ever feel that way? You are making progress in most areas of your life, but there is something you can not get your hands around by yourself and you need some assistance to get past whatever is in your way. If so, then I can help you! Look at my “Living Your Purposeful Life” course here and see if this is the help you were looking for in your life.