Do we have limited value? I am not talking about the value we put on ourselves. I am talking about the value we can assign to our things. For example, if you have a car and you really need that car to get you to and from important places, how much value do you put on that car?

Now, what if you had two cars? How much value can you put on each individual car? As much as when you only had one car? Do you value one car more than another car? Is there a limit to the amount of value you can assign?

Is the value you assign related to how much you need something? If you have a television in every room, do you really value any one individual television set, because how much to you really need each individual television? If one were to not work, you would just go to another room.

How many of your things in your life do you really value? If you were to loose some of your stuff, how said would it make you? Does the amount of care you take for something related to the value you assign to that thing?

If you really wonder about how much value you put on things, I can help. I am teaching a twelve week couse on “Living Your Purposeful Life” and understanding what is of value to us, will be a key topic we will cover in the course. If you are interested, please go here. I look forward to working with you and re-evaluating value together.