Have you ever been in the mode of just getting it done? I have had two experiences of that energy recently; one with moving, and two with offering my course.

As for the moving, I knew the date was coming and that we planned to have the weekend to move boxes before the movers came on Monday. When Friday arrived and we got the keys to our new place, I got into a groove of just getting the boxes moved. I just got into the zone and moved as many boxes as I could. My wife was surprised with how much I moved. I could feel my body ache with all the walking, especially up and down stairs to get and put boxes where they belonged, but I was in the zone and I got it done.

As for my course, “Living Your Purposeful Life”, I can feel that it will be an amazing transformational course. I can feel into the content and the shifts that my students will have as well as the importance for me to step out and deliver this course, but I scheduled the course to start in the middle of the week when I was moving. Before the move. This felt like a good idea, but as the week unfolded, I could feel that I was pushing the course out, just to get it done and that is not the energy I wanted my students to feel from me when I am teaching the course. So, I have delayed the course a few weeks to allow me to get settled into my new house and allow me to really bring me forward in the course to allow the students to get the transformation that they need from the course.

I think there are times when “getting it done” is a good idea, like when I was moving boxes. Just get into the zone, and get it done. There are also times when “getting it done” is not the right idea, like when I was trying to get my course out the door.

I do not want you to use “getting it done” as an excuse for not doing something, but really take the time and see if you are getting something done because the time is right, or are you getting things done because you are just getting it done. If you are unclear, ask a friend to help you through the decision, some one you trust and who can be honest with you. Once you explain to them and listen to their thoughts, execute.

I talked to several friends of mine and based on what we talked about I will be launching my course on February 6th with a free preview on January 30th. If you are interested, please go here. I look forward to seeing you in the class.

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