How was your day today? And don’t just say, “Good” or “Fine”. How was your day really? What did you do? Did you accomplish anything important? Did you connect with those around you?

Did you waste time on the Internet? With Facebook? Did you spend hours in front of the TV for no reason?

How was your day?

Mine. Well, it depends on what part of the day your are talking about. It was not outstanding all day long, but overall, I would say it was pretty good. I started out with a mastermind group call. It is always good to connect with my mastermind group.

I then had an informal meeting with a college and we had a very good discussion about a project that I am working on with him. I felt I got a much better understanding of what is required for the project.

I then had a series of meetings that were ok. Some where useful and some dragged through the middle of the day, but ended up in a technical discussion with my team about the project we are working on. We make some good headway which ended the work day on a very productive note.

I came home and had a wonderful dinner. I was last, so I ate alone, but my wife was around so we talked. I helped my sister with her computer and then I caught the last part of a TV show with my daughter. Since I only caught the last part of the show, my daughter had to fill me in on what happened. It was a good way for us to connect because I was present for the time we shared.

So, how was your day? Are you overlooking some good times in your day? Are you not taking advantage of those special moments in your day? Are you looking to improve your day? Are you looking for something more in your life? Well, I can help. I am offering “Living Your Purposeful Life.” If you want information, go here. If the program is interesting for you, I am having a free seminar on Wednesday to give you help you understand where you are and what you can expect from my program. I look forward to having you there!