We are in June of 2013. Just about half way through 2013. What have you done so far in 2013? Have you taken the chance to look back? Pick you head up from all the things you are doing right now to appreciate what has happened for you so far in 2013? I did, and I wasn’t even intending to do it. I had coffee with a dear friend of mine this week, who I had not seen since December. I was not certain what we would talk about, and as soon as she sat down, I just started rambling about everything that has happened to me since we last got together. It was interesting to watch my story go back and forth over the first half of my year. The challenges, the changes, and the moments of clear understanding that came over me. I did not know when I would stop, or if I would let my friend get a word in edge wise. And, to top it off, I did not appreciate what I had done until later that evening when I finally sat down to relax and say, “Wow! It is amazing what I have accomplished so far this year!” I knew I had been working on improving, but I really did not know the magnitude of the work I had done until I was able to say it all in one place. I woke the next morning with an extra spring in my step still feeling the gratitude for the work I had done.

And, when I finally stopped talking, my friend told me about the changes in her life, and I was amazed at the changes that she had made in her life as well. In December, I knew she was facing some challenges, and to see her having gone through the challenges and come out on the other side with a clear understanding of who she is, was amazing to witness. And, to top it off, I do not think either of us could have predicted where she ended up, and she is clear and confident with where she is. Amazing!

So, what have you done this far in 2013? Find a friend who will listen, and not judge, but acknowledge what you have done. Tell them all the good and the bad, and when you are done, sit back and appreciate everything that you have done. I hope it is as enlightening for you as it was for me. And, if you would like to share with me, please let me know.