This is an excerpt from the book I am writing called, “Living Your Purposeful Life”.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein

With that in mind, what are you doing with your energy? Are you giving it away? Are you holding it back? Are you giving yourself time to recharge your energy? Especially during the holiday season, are you being careful with how you take care of your energy?

For me, I know that I usually let my energy flow from me without caring where it is going and that can be good to help others, but at the end of the day, it can leave me feeling drained. I know that if I get drained too much, then I will get sick and that is the ultimate warning for me that I need to rest. I know that I do need to spend more time managing my energy and managing does not mean holding onto my energy, but I need to be careful on how I use my energy and how I recharge my energy.

For example, I have been dealing with legal issues this past week at work and after every meeting, I have felt exhausted. In the meeting, I am going strong, fully on task, but when I am done, I feel like I am done for the day! Which is not good when the meeting is the first thing in the morning!

I know that I can do a better job of managing my energy and being aware of what I am doing with my energy. For me, it is not about holding back my energy, it is more about being ready and aware of the energy around me so that I can give my all and not feel drained when I am done. Here are some of the things that I can do.

  • Meditate. I find meditation can be very helpful on several levels. Here is the general process that I follow.

    • First, I clear my mind and focus my attention on the moment of meditation. I drop all thoughts of anything else except for that moment. Yes, thoughts float through my mind, and I thank them for coming across my mind and left them keep floating by. It helps me to just focus on my breathing.

    • Second, I bring golden energy from about 18 feet above my head into my body like a shower that soaks into every cell of my body. I use this golden energy to awaken and revitalize all the cells in my body. I slowly track the golden energy going down my body and feel its effects as it hits different parts of my body. I notice how it feels that day, and yes, it does change from day to day.

    • Third, I make sure that I am grounded. I imagine connecting a grounding cord to the base of my spine, which is wider than my hips, going to the center of the earth. When this is connected, I allow any energy that does not serve me to flow down this grounding cord.

  • While in my meditation, I make sure that my space is clear. Each of us have an aura and that is your natural space. Your aura is like a bubble around you. Make sure your aura is clear and round around you. If it is not, clean it out. I will either use a golden sponge, or fill the space with golden energy.

  • Next, I will sometimes plant roses around my space. I use the roses to filter the energy around me. Roses are very good at taking the energy of others and removing it before it gets to you. This can be very helpful, if you have somebody angry in your space, because when people are angry, they project their energy onto you. A rose will remove their energy and allow you to hear what they are saying and not be affected by their energy.

  • Setting an intention. I find that setting an intention for whatever you are about to go into can be very helpful. I find the more general intention versus specific intention is better. For example, if you are having a meeting with Bob on a problem you are having with Bob, setting an intention of “I want Bob to agree with me 100%” is a poor intention. It does not allow for the possibility. Instead, if you sent an intention of “I would like to come to an agreement with Bob on our course of action” is an expanding intention that allows for something wonderful to happen.

  • Clearing the room. You can also clear the energy of the room that you are going to have your meeting in. I do this with my office often. Just like dust in your office, other people’s energy gets left behind and needs to be cleaned out. You can do this remotely, but I have found this to be most beneficial, if I am sitting in the room cleaning it. I have used different methods to clean the room but my favorite one is to:

    • First ground the room. Imagine the room is connected to a grounding cord which connects to the center of the Earth.

    • Next, I imagine I have a power washer that uses golden energy to power wash the walls, ceiling, and floor. Make sure you get all the corners in the room; between the walls, between the walls and the ceiling, and between the walls and the floor. All the golden dirty energy flows effortlessly down the grounding cord.

    • Next, I paint the walls with a fresh color and whatever color it wants to be that day, usually something bright.

    • Then, I fill the room with a lovely golden energy.

    • Finally, if you are not in the room, imagine you are in the room and feel the energy in the room. If something is missing, or does not feel right, see what you can do to adjust it, may be there is a streak on the wall, or some dust that you missed in the corner, may be the temperature of the golden energy is not right, just adjust it until it feel right.

  • Finally, just feel into the space that you created. Take a few deep breaths and bring this energy forward into your day. Open your eyes slowly and notice if there is a shift in the energy around you.

Do I do this all the time? Of course not, but when I do, I do notice a difference in my interactions throughout my day. Sometimes, I need to fall down and feel drained to look back and say, oh yea, I forgot to get ready for the day! I know it is very easy to forget about getting ready for the day, because we are all busy, but this process does not take a lot of time and can make a huge difference in your day. Start by taking 5 minutes at the beginning of your day to get yourself centered, recharged, and grounded and let me know if you notice a difference.