When you show up to work, do you let your role define you or do you define your role? If you are just an individual contributor in the organization, do you let your role define you? Do you only think in terms of individual contributor, or do you think greater than that role? As an individual contributor, you have certain things that you are responsible for in your daily role. Is that all that you do? Do you just show up and do your daily things and leave at the end of the day?

Are you ok with that, or are you giving away your power to play smaller at your job? Maybe you have a bigger role to play outside of work and that is why you play small at work and I am going to challenge you and ask if that is really in tune with who you are. Maybe you should consider playing bigger at work. I am not suggesting that you sacrifice what you are outside of work for what you do at work, but what would it be like if you played big in all areas of your life?

I think that an important differentiation here is that playing big at work does not mean taking on a bigger role at work. It might, but it does not have to. For example, you might be an individual contributor, because it gives you the flexibility to do things outside of work that are more important to you. Playing big as an individual contributor may mean you are looked to to train new employees, you are the “second in command” in your team, or your are involved in bigger projects for your team.

So, take some time and look at how you show up for work and ask yourself, are you playing big or are you playing small? Now, ask yourself, is this how you want to show up at work? If not, what are you going to change?

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