Today would have been my mother’s 75th birthday. It is hard to believe that just about 5 years ago, we lost my mother. I think about her often. Somedays more than others and today is one of those days. 

For her 70th birthday, we planned a surprise birthday party for my mother when my parents visited by brother that summer. We had a lovely surprise party for her with many family and friends in the area. She enjoyed the party, but what I really think that she really enjoyed was having all her grandkids in one location and they were all thrilled to see her.

It is sad to think that she is no longer her, but it is memories like her 70th birthday party that I like to remember and hold onto. She made people feel special and you felt special just being around her. She used to coach softball and basketball and more often than not, she would have winning teams. Funny, if you watched her plan her line up, you would not think she was trying to win, because her line up usually consisted of thinking about who had not started yet. I do not know of a winning coach who plans their line up that way.

Today, I get to help coach my daughter’s high school softball team. I am looking forward to and I am appreciating that I get to do it on my mother’s birthday. Mom, I will be thinking about you today, especially when I am on that field.

If you have lost a love one, I know how sad it can be. See if you can find a memory of them that makes you smile and hold onto that for a moment. You will never loose those memories. If you want, please share your favorite memory below.