Since the early days of the Internet, I have had at least one website. They have been filled with useful information and were very functional, but they have never really looked beautiful. When people ask me if I can help them with a website, I say yes, and that it will be functional, but it won’t be pretty.

Well, today that has changed! My personal website,, has been upgraded and now it even looks beyond pretty. It is amazing! I had very little to do with the design and execution of the changes to the site. All the changes were the brain storm of Nathan Strickland.

Nathan connected with me via LinkedIn and instead of just asking to redesign my website, he sent me some of his ideas for a website redesign in his first message. I liked the ideas and put him off, but he kept bugging me. One evening, I got an email from Nathan and he said, how about a video for your website? I was blown away! That is the video you can see on my website.

And yet, I still delayed Nathan. Why? Because he was designing a website that would shine the light on me and make me stand out. I mean, you tell me. I cannot go around and hide what I do with a beautiful website like I have now. Can I? I am still a bit uncomfortable with the website, because it is greater than I see myself. Yes, the information on the website is true, but when I talk to people, I downplay what I do, think of it as secondary and in turn, think less of myself.

Yes, even with all the great things that I do, I do not take the time to appreciate what I have done, to appreciate how far I have come, and what I am capable of doing. I still fight with myself on accepting what I am capable of doing, even with all the evidence to the contrary.

So, what made me change my mind on letting Nathan design my website? Well, he kept nudging me, and when I really took the time to think about what Nathan was proposing and how it would fit into what I am doing, I got a resounding “Yes! Do it!” Even with all the excuses that I could come up with not to do it, my “Yes!” kept getting stronger to the point I just had to do it.

I am grateful today for people in my life, like Nathan, who give me a nudge, and shine the light on who I really am. If you are looking for some help with your website, please consider Nathan. You can reach him at I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you, Nathan!

As always, feel free to leave me a comment below. Let me know what you think of the new website, or let me know if you need some help shining the light on you!