On the weekends, I make my way to Starbucks, have my Chi, and write. I like getting up and writing as part of my day. I never know what I am going to write about and sometimes the writing makes its way to my blog. Why only sometimes? Well, there are a few reasons; sometimes what I write is not a complete thought. It is something that I am just starting to examine and I could not get my head around the thought. Sometimes what I write just does not make sense and takes a few writing sessions to clarify itself.

Sometimes what I write is too personal and most of the time, it is not too personal for me, but too personal for the people I am writing about. I am not writing about the person, but my interaction with the person. I do try to do my best to hide who I am writing about, but when I cannot and I know how sensitive the topic is to that person, then I have to save those stories for another time. It is a shame, because some of those writings include some of my greatest insights about myself.

Either way, I enjoy the writing process. For me, it is a form of meditation. I sit down, close my eyes, relax, and then let whatever comes to mind flow onto the page. I try and do very little editing in what I am thinking as I am writing, because when I get too caught up in editing I loose the importance of the thoughts that are trying to express themselves.

I also find that writing the thoughts slows down the process of feeling the thoughts for me. When I sit and just meditate, thoughts sometimes just flow quickly through my mind and there are so many of them that it is hard for them to stick around long enough for me to really understand them and I know that could just be me and how I meditate, and that writing works for me in getting deeper into a thought.

Like this morning, after closing my eyes, I opened up Word to a blank page and just started writing and this is what came to me. I do not know why it came to me, or what it is trying to express, but the thoughts flowed and appeared to be what wanted to express itself through me this morning.

As I feel into what I am writing, what I want to say to you is find your way to allow your thoughts to flow through you. If meditation works for you, great. If walking works for you, great. If sitting quietly in a park works for you, great. If writing works for you, great. Maybe it is different things at different times. What ever works for you, just make time for it and allow it to work in making your life better. Make it an important part of your life.

I know there are times when I get up in the morning on the weekends that I do not want to write, and I sometimes delay getting up and going to Starbucks for my Chi, but once I sit down and just write, I can feel a deeper connection with myself. I am getting the feeling that I need to make my writing more than a weekend habit. I feel the need to make it a daily habit and I will work on making the time for it every day.

What is it that helps you connect with who you are? Are you taking the time to do it? If not, what little thing could you do today to help you get there? Is there one day per week that you could dedicate to it? For me, when I am really connected to myself, my writing normally takes less than 30 minutes. Sometimes longer, but when I am really in the groove, the writing just flows. So, you do not need to take hours away from your day to connect. Make it simple. It does not have to be perfect. It just has to be done.

Let me know how you connect with yourself and if you want to talk about ideas on how you could make time for you.