Friends. I am sure that you have many of them and each one has a different relationship with you. There are friends that you go to lunch with. There are friends that you gossip with. There are friends that you go to the local ballgame with. There are friends that you tell you complain to. There are friends that you share your deepest thoughts with.

But, how many of them push you? And I do not mean push you into the pool. I mean push you to become better than you are today? Take a moment and think about it. Is there any one of your friends that makes you a better person? Do you spend enough time with them? Or do these friends sneak up on you and then you realize that you missed spending time with them?

I had such an experience recently. I was having coffee with one of my friends that I had not seen in a long time and after we each talked about our families, our work, and other stuff. She turned to me and says, “What happened to your blog? I miss reading it.” And I realized that I have not written a blog in way to many weeks. I gave her an excuse about how my writing could not be posted, and that is partially right, but to be truthful, I have not taken the time to really write. So, as I left, I made a commitment to myself to start blogging again.

So, here it is Rose. Thank you for the push! The gentile reminder that my blog is important. Yes, I know that you said you liked it, but blogging is important to me and I have not given it the care it has needed recently and I am glad to be back writing.

Do you have a friend that pushes you to become better than you are today? If not, could it be that you are not listening to them? Maybe you have a friend who is gently suggesting that you do something different and you dismiss them. Do you need to listen to them? Do you need to spend more time with them?

If you still cannot think of a friend who is pushing you to become a better person, do you need to find some new friends? Are there some friends that you used to have in your life that used to push you? Do you need to reconnect with them? Heck, last year at this time, I was going to Homecoming and decided to look up an old friend I had not seen in 25 years, and guess what, I had a wonderful time reconnecting with him and meeting his family.

Do you need a push to change? It is up to you! Let me know if you want to continue the conversation below.