On the way to workout this morning, I was listening to Wayne Dryer’s “It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile”. In the book, he talks about his 10 secrets for success and inner peace. The principle that he talked about during this morning’s commute was that “you cannot give away what you do not have.” From a physical point of view, this make perfect sense. I cannot give you $10, if I do not posses $10, but Wayne was talking about something deeper than physical items. His first example was to talk about how you cannot give away love, if you do not love yourself first.

Pause and think about this for a moment. Does this make sense to you? It took me a moment to believe what Wayne was talking about. He talked about peace. How can we as people have peace, if we do not know peace within us first? If you do not know peace, how can you create it outside of yourself? If you are not happy, how can you make other happy? Yes, I know it is a choice for others to be happy or not, but you cannot be an example of happiness, unless you know it first.

All that is, comes from within me. Which ties right into what I am learning from Christy Whitman’s “Abundance Course.” In the course, Christy is teaching that everything comes from within me. For years, I have always thought when “this” happens, then I will have that. I have believed that my perfect day will begin with a workout in my home gym and then a meditation session looking out over my gardens. I thought that had to be in a perfect location before I could begin have this experience, but this morning, I realized that I could meditate in the gym right after my workout. Yea, it wasn’t perfect, but it was a start. A start to bring what I want into my life, from within me, versus waiting for the perfect environment outside of me.

How many times have we waited for things to be perfect before we started to do something? How many times have we said to ourselves that I will do this went… Why not start now? I know that it will not be perfect, but nobody does it perfectly when they start. They just start. They believe within them that they can do it and that is all that they need. Their belief starts within them.

If you are not getting what you want, ask yourself, what do I need to believe, or be, before I can get what I want? Sit with yourself and see what answer comes to you. You may be surprised to see what comes to you when you wait for the answer. Maybe you need to be a happier person. Happiness is your decision, so decide to do it. Maybe you just need to believe you can do it and stop listening to all the naysayers who say you cannot do it. Is one of the naysayers you? Well, decide to stop listening, believe, become, and do. Yes, you may fail, but keep hanging onto what you want and becoming what you need to be to get what you want.

I all starts from within you. What is within you and what are you creating today?