Good Morning! It is Sunday morning and I am here at my local Starbucks doing what I try to do every weekend morning, write. Unless I have something on a weekend morning, I am normally here and writing something. Sometimes what I write makes enough sense to publish on my website and sometimes what I write is just a bunch of thoughts. Sometimes, I go down a rabbit hole with work and get work done, but I just chalk it up to that was what needed to come out of me at the time.

What I write is really a reflection of what is going on in my life at the time. I enjoy writing, especially when I sit down and just write. I find that when I try and write something specific, I usually have a hard time until it is ready to come forth, but when I sit down and just focus on writing, something comes out. I try not to judge it, edit it, or control it. I just try to let it flow.

Does writing always clear things for me? No, and I use other methods to help me bring my clear thoughts forward. I will go for walks, or runs. A walk is a good and peaceful way for me to collect my thoughts and running is a way for me to burn through some energy, because sometimes I have built up too much emotional charge around an issue to see what is really in front of me.

After walking or running, I still find that sitting down and writing helps me clearly articulate my thoughts and next steps and I usually get an insight or two that I was not able to see before sitting down and writing. For me, when I am really in the writing zone, writing can be more powerful than meditation. I have been in the writing zone so much that it not only brings forth my thoughts, but it also brings forth my emotions. I can recall times writing about something with tears streaming down my face and the most interesting part is that some of those times I am writing about something that I would not consider sad.

I have been writing for a lot of years. It has started out as journalling many years ago and has progressed into me publishing my blog and then writing my first book. Everything that I have written has been for me and has helped me in some way, but I have been drawn to share what I am going through and I am completely grateful by all the comments I have received from people about my writing. I am happy that what I have been able to shine some light on an issue that you were having.

Does everybody like my writing? No, and at those times, I need to remind myself that I am writing for myself and if it does not help you, then it does not help you. Please find something that will help you, because everybody needs a little bit of help every now and again.

So, what do you do to clear your head? Do you do some physical activity? Do you meditate? Do you write? Find something that helps you and stick with it. Find a time to do it in your life. I know for me, when I really find time to write, it does wonders for me!