Merry Christmas to all!

What is Christmas to you? One of the things that signifies Christmas to me is The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album. My father introduced this album to our family a long time ago and to me it is a wonderful expression of Christmas. I find that I get the most enjoyment from it when I listen to the album in the sequence it is presented on the album. Each song is well done and each song is very uplifting to me.

None of the songs are the traditional songs that I grew up singing, but each one is special to me, like “Darcy the Dragon” which is the story of the troubles a dragon has buying Christmas gifts for his friends, because every time a dragon speaks, he breaths fire.

“Country Christmas” reminds me of what it was like growing up in the country on Christmas with the fun of skating and sledding. “Home for Christmas” was my experience when I was getting ready to return from university for the Christmas holidays. The song starts with remembering what is going on back home and how it will be when I got home.

For the traditionalists, there is “The Governor’s Dream”. “ The Governor’s Dream” is a premonition that Christ is coming and how troubling the dream was for the governor. As well, there is “Mama Mary”. “Mama Mary” has to be one of my favourites. It asks the questions of Mother Mary of how she felt about being the mother of Jesus.

Finally, the album ends with “Tiny Angels”, which really hit home for me when I became a father and had my own “Tiny Angels”.

If you have a chance, take a listen to the album, the link above is for the entire album, and let me know what you think.

I hope that you have something that connects you with the Christmas spirit!