Have you ever considered that you are creating your life? And I can hear all of you saying, “But” and I know you are saying it because I am saying it to myself. How can I be creating my life if I have so many problems in my life. I do not have enough money. My job is a pain in the butt. My kids drive me nuts. My car is falling apart. And let’s not even get started about my family.

What would it take for your situation to change? And I know some of you will say more money. Why do you not have more money? Well, didn’t you see my list above. Yes, I saw your list and we all have our lists and if you really think about it, they are your excuses and if you are willing to consider your list as excuses, then just maybe you can consider that you have created these excuses as part of the life that you created.

I know that I have been thinking about this idea that I have created the life that I have for a while and I am starting to consider three possibilities about why I have created the life that I have. First, I have created this life because I have attracted it to me. If I look at my thoughts about my life, then I can start to see that I have attracted this life to me. Consider your thoughts. Are you thinking about all the money you do not have, or are you thinking about all the ways you can create money? Be honest, I suspect if you complain about not having money, then most of your thoughts are around not having money and not being able to do things because you do not have money. What would happen if you changed your thoughts to how can I attract the money to me?

Second, I have created this life because sometimes there is something for me to learn or accomplish before I get what I really want. For example, if you want to be the president of a big company, you need certain experiences and knowledge before you become president. I hear some of you saying, “I can start my own company and be president.” Yes you can and I encourage you to do that if you want it and I will also tell you, it will take time to grow that company into a big company and in that process you will gain the experiences you need to be the president of your big company.

Third, I have created this life because I have not taken other actions to change this life. As an example, if the life you want to create includes you be healthy, what steps have you taken to become healthy? Yes, I am hearing you say, “Don’t you remember the list we started with? I do not have time!” And I will tell you, that is a choice. For me, I learned a long time ago that I control my mornings and I get up early and work out. My choice. What is your choice? Can you be making different choices, even small actions to get some momentum.

If you are now starting to think that maybe you have created this life that you have today, you might be saying, what can I do to change my life? For me, I am starting to really consider my thoughts and trying to replace them with better thoughts. If I think about not having money, then I start to think about how can I create money. When I am faced with a challenge in my life instead of letting it get me down, I am starting to ask, what do I need to learn from this situation, or what do I need to change to get through this situation, or what do I need to be to get through this situation? If I want something different in my life, I am asking myself what step do I need to take to make that happen. Sometimes the steps seem so big that I am paralyzed from taking the step. If that is the case, I break down the step into something smaller that I can take now. For example, if you want to run a marathon, you do not start with running the marathon. You can start with a walk around the block, then two blocks, and three, and so on.

If all this seems to hard for you, start with trying to accept the thought that you created the life that you have today. Sit with that thought and let it sink in. I know that as you let that thought sink in, you may experience some thoughts of anger or sadness about your past choices and in those times, you really need to be with those feelings and ask, what is here for me to learn? Sometimes the answer will come quickly, and sometimes the answer will take time. Just keep asking and the answer will come and as you get your answer, your feelings will shift about the thought or event.

My advice at this point is to keep moving forward. Sometimes it will not feel like you are moving forward and in those times, just keep moving. It will go quickly at times and slower at others. If you need support, get it. If you think I can be your support, let me know, leave me a note below.