Sometimes I have to remind myself that Life is a journey. We are on a journey in this lifetime. It was not meant to be lived to obtain a goal and just ride out the rest of your life at that point. I do believe that some people think that and I know that I get stuck in that from time to time. When I was younger, it was easy to keep growing. I was in school and there was goal to graduate. Then there was a goal to go to university and graduate from that. After that, it was supposed to be get a job, get married and raise a family until retirement and at that point you were supposed to enjoy life, but that can lead to a very boring life.

In the plant world, you are either growing or you are dying, and I think for the most part, that is how we are in physical form. Our bodies are continually regenerating themselves. I have heard that all the cells in our body are replaced every seven days. So, every week, we are a new physical form.

So, what does it mean to continue growing in the later years of your life? First, what are those later years? I think those later years are anytime after which you believe you are done growing. Maybe that is when you get your dream job and want to ride it out. Maybe that is when you hit a plateau in your career and do not feel you can go any higher or further. If I look at those later years, I get the feel that those years are the years when you do not want to take on any more challenges and those are the challenges that make you change and grow.

I remember hearing somebody say that the moment you stop having challenges, you are dead. Life is always a challenge. So, there may come a time when you do not want to deal with challenges, or I really think that you will just continue to face the challenge until you change or grow from it, you just refuse to grow or change from it, and thus you are stuck.

And looking at my life, I do try and continue to grow, but I also appreciate that there are areas in my life that I have not grown and I have continued to bump into the challenges in those areas and it is the same set of challenges day in and day out, and that is where I need to remind myself that life is a journey and it is not just a journey in one area of my life, but all areas of my life. Easy area does present it own set of challenges and I can either ignore them or work through them. In some areas, I have ignored them, but I cannot ignore them if I want to live the life I came into this physical form to live. Time to continue the journey in all areas of my life!

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