We have a new policy at the office on what you can wear to work. It is called Dress for Your Day, which means you can where whatever you want as long as it is appropriate for your day. For example, if you are just in the office and just working with your co-workers, you can dress casual. If you have a meeting with a customer whether it is in the office or at their site, you need dress in business attire. The previous policy was Monday through Thursday, you needeed to wear business attire and only on Friday could you where casual attire. My normal attire whether I was in the office or on customer location was to where a suit Monday through Thursday.

So, last night, as I was getting my clothes together for the next business day, I decided that I was going to dress casual and take advantage of the new policy. I was going to wear a company branded golf shirt and jeans on a Wednesday. I wanted to take advantage of Dress for Your Day. I did not have any customer facing meetings planned. So, I could be casual and this all felt great until I was getting ready to jump in the shower on Wednesday morning. I looked at the clothes that I laid out and I thought, What the heck are you doing? It is a business day! You should be wearing business attire to go into the office! Go and get a suit to wear today! It was an interesting thought that shot fear through my body and I almost went back to my closet to get a suit, but instead, I took a deep breath and I decided to ignore the thought and go with the casual dress for the day.

As I was sitting in the office, it did feel very strange to be dressed casual midweek and I am not really certain how I feel about it. I like wearing suits. They feel comfortable on me, especially since I have had several of them made for me. Plus, I like having the pockets in the jacket to put my stuff, like my wallet, phone, and keys. I prefer to have them in my coat instead of the pockets in my pants and I do not like carrying a bag with me unless I need to for my computer or iPad. So, do not go and suggest that I need to get a Man Bag!

It was interesting to decide on going casual and then getting the fear running through my body like I was doing something wrong. I am really glad that I did not give into the fear and allowed myself to make the change. I can only wonder what I will wear to the office tomorrow. Since my wardrobe has been more focused on wearing suits to the office, I do not have a lot of casual pants to wear other than jeans, because I only tend to wear jeans on the weekends. May be I will have to go get a few extra pairs of pants to wear for Dress for Your Day!

Thank you for reading and if you have gotten this far, I want to let you know that I have a few openings in my coaching schedule that have recently opened up. If you are interested in receiving coaching from me, please head over to the Connect with Sean page and send me your information. I will set up an initial call for us to talk about what you are looking for from coaching, I will explain how I coach, and we can then decide if there is a fit for us to work together.