For the longest time, I have prioritized work and family in my life. Work has been number one and family has been number two. I did not even consider a third item on the list other than wait for one or two to tell me what they need. While putting the priority on work and family, I have limited myself to be what they needed versus allowing myself to truly be me and I knew that I needed and wanted it to shift.

To get me to expand, I have been asking myself over and over What do I want? I felt that if I could answer what do I want? that it would help me expand who I am. Except, I have been having a hard time answering that question. I think part of the answer to that question makes me look outside instead of inside of me. When I think of want, I start to think of things, like the newest iPhone (yes, I have it). I have thought for a while that not being able to answer the question what do I want? has been holding me back. If I cannot define what I want, how can I move forward? How could I expand who I am?

And then, a friend of mine asked me a different question, What do I desire? and in asking that question, my heart started to open up. I started to feel inside of me what I desired instead of outside with what I wanted. It was an interesting shift in looking at where I desired to take my life instead of what I wanted out of life. I started to think about all those times in my life felt expansive and knew that those are the experiences in my life that I desired and it felt so opening in my thoughts. It felt so much lighter, especially when compared to what I wanted.

What do you think? Which one feels lighter to you? What do I want? or What do I desire? It could be just me. Though I do realize that sometimes when you are stuck that sometimes just asking a different question can free up your thoughts to get you the answer you were seeking. The different question can get you to look as your issue from a different perspective and allow the answer to flow. I also realize that sometimes it can take another perspective to get you to consider that other perspective.

What question are you stuck with in your life? Do you need somebody to help you with it? I have a few openings in my coaching schedule that have recently opened up. If you are interested in receiving coaching from me, please head over to the Connect with Sean page and send me your information. I will set up an initial call for us to talk about the question that is blocking you, you will see if I can help you with what is blocking you, and if it works for us, we can set up future coaching sessions to work together.