COVID-19 is causing the world to change and with that change, I feel COVID-19 is stressing a lot of people out. I say that because I am feeling some anxiety over it due to the uncertainty and the changes that are going on in our society today.

Even though I am used to working from home, I do like going into the office to interact with people a few days a week. Thus with mandatory work from home, I am missing the social contact of the office. Yes, we use video conferencing and it just isn’t the same as walking over to somebody’s desk and talking about the latest episode of Picard, or how did the Leafs do last night, or how is your bracket doing for March Madness. Plus, am I the only one who turns on their camera to welcome people to a video conference? What is up with that?

To help me, and hopefully help others, I am going to start doing what I am calling Morning Calm. Morning Calm will be a 10-15 minute morning meditation that I will do live at 8:30 am EDT, Monday through Friday. You do not have to be live to watch it, just click on the daily link and watch it whenever it is convent for you. I will be posting the daily live link on several social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, around 8 am EDT. Please forward to anybody who you think would benefit.

I will be producing it using Microsoft Teams Live Events, because it is something that I have available to me and it makes it easy for me to do and share with people. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams Live Events, please read Using Microsoft Teams Live Events from Microsoft. You do not need to download the Microsoft Teams client or create an account to watch. You can do watch right in your browser. To become familiar with Microsoft Teams Live Events, click here to see my video introduction to Morning Calm.

As many of you know, I am also a Coach and if you would like to talk to somebody, I am waving all coaching fees during this time. So, head over to my website at Connect with Sean and send me your information, or direct message me on one of the social media platforms listed above.

Above all else, stay calm, stay safe, and stay healthy.