Working from home is not something new for me. Before COVID-19, I would work from home two days per week and it allowed me to get some focus time to get my projects done and going full time working from home seemed to start out that way until last week and I am hoping that last week was an anomaly, but my calendar seemed to fill up with meetings from start of the day until end of the day, which I do not mind, but it is keeping me from getting any work done on the projects I need to complete.

May be there was a reason for all the scheduled meetings last week. May be it was there to distract me, because last week I learned that my sister-in-law lost her sister to COVID-19. I did not know her that well, but I love my sister-in-law dearly. I got the message that she past away over lunch this week. It was surprising and saddening as well, but I had meetings to attend and I pushed the sadness away, like I normally do, and dug into work.

It wasn’t until my evening walk that I had time to feel into the news that I got at lunchtime. I let the sadness wash over me and even shed a few tears. I tried to call a few friends to talk about it and they were unavailable, which was probably by design to let me be with my emotions, because I know the conversation would have quickly turned to something else instead of me telling them what I was feeling.

Over the next few days, I did write about what I was feeling and even talked to a few special friends about it. The sadness is less and less each day and I can only imagine what my sister-in-law is feeling. So, I think about her often and hold her in my thoughts and prayers.


I do not know about you, but I am not certain that I am looking forward to weekends right now. At least during the week, I have work to do. I have video meeting where I can see those co-workers and customers that turn on their video. Hint, turn on your video on video calls! I guess I could keep working through the weekend, and I do do some work, but I try not to let it be my entire weekend.

Last weekend, I did go into the basement and go through all my bankers boxes of old documents. I ended up with five of them that needed to be shredded, which I took to the shredder this week. I also took some time and re-wrote the software on my garage door opener. It is a cool little project for the geek in me. One of these days, I will work on a proper app for my phone, which will alert me when the garage door has been open for a period of time, but that means more time sitting at my desk and I do too much of that during the week. I am continuing my morning and evening walks. I have even gotten my bicycle out a few times.

My wife has been looking around the house and painting. Part of that is because she is bored and part of that is because it is not quite warm enough to go work in the yard and it is April, which means April showers. I swear that if it does not warm up and the sun comes out soon enough, she is going to have the entire inside of the house painted.

I do miss getting together with friends, going to the movies, going out to dinner, and none of that is available right now. So, until then, make the best of your weekends!

Morning Calm

Morning Calm continues Monday through Friday at 8:30 am EDT. If you are interested, see Morning Calm for details. I just wanted to thank all the people out there that have thanked me for doing it. It is especially welcoming from people that I have not heard from in a long time.

Above all else, stay calm, stay safe, and stay healthy.