I cannot believe this morning we are already at 90 sessions of Morning Calm. Morning Calm started out as something that I was doing to help you deal with the stress of the changes and uncertainty around COVID-19 back on 23-Mar-2020. As the pandemic shifted, so did Morning Calm. Instead of being about helping you deal with COVID-19, I started to use Morning Calm to help you get ready for your day.

As I am looking forward, I am seeing that Morning Calm needs to shift again. I have actually know this for several weeks now, but I have not been able to get a clear picture on how Morning Calm would change and what would come out of it. As we hit 90 sessions, I am more clear about the changes coming out of Morning Calm. First, Morning Calm will transform from a daily meditation to get you ready for your day to a weekly meditation to get you ready for your week. The new Morning Calm will be called Kick Start Your Week.

Yes, for those of you that have followed me, I used to do Kick Start Your Week almost ten years ago and it feels like it is time to dust it off and bring it back. Kick Start Your Week will be a similar format to Morning Calm except that it will only be on Monday mornings at 8:30 am EDT. I hope that it will Kick Start Your Week! Like Morning Calm, you will not need to be live to get the benefits from the meditation, so listen whenever you can and share if you get benefits from it.

Morning Calm will continue through session 100, which is scheduled to be on Thursday, August 13th. That will be the last Morning Calm in this series and Kick Start Your Week will kick off on the following Monday, 17-Aug-2020. I am looking forward to getting Morning Calm to session 100! It just seems like a great place to end and then start something new in Kick Start Your Week.

Second, I am developing a podcast, which will launch on Thursday evenings. I am going to be doing it live at 8:00 pm EDT so, the actual posting of the podcast will happen after that. I am going to call the podcast Live Life with Sean. On Live Life with Sean, I will share what I am going through and how I Live Life. I hope to be able to share with you what I have learned as I continue to grow and in turn, I hope that it will help you. Initially, Live Life with Sean will be every other Thursday with the first show being on 20-Aug-2020. I have a lot of wonderful ideas floating around and I am sure I will get more.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you out there that have listened to Morning Calm, especially those who have sent me comments. It has been my pleasure and I hope that you will get more benefits from the changes that are coming. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me.