When I started Morning Calm, I started it with the intention of helping people deal with COVID-19, because I could feel the pressure of COVID-19 and I knew others were feeling it as well. At the pandemic went on, I felt a shift in the energy and Morning Calm shifted from being about dealing with COVID-19 to getting you ready for your day. As that went on, I started to feel another shift for Morning Calm, but I had a hard time putting my finger on what that shift would be and somewhere between Day 70 and Day 80, I started getting a clearer picture as to what Morning Calm would become.

First, Morning Calm in its current form will end. I am sorry to have it end, but Morning Calm needs to end to make room for the changes that I am drawn to make. I am still going to do a morning meditation and instead of it being every day, I am going to do it only on Mondays and call it Kick Start Your Week.

Second, I am going to start a podcast called Live Life with Sean. Live Life with Sean is going to be about how I am living my life. How I am facing challenges. What practices do I have in my life. What things are going on in my life. And maybe even talk about how I am feeling about something. I am hoping that by talking about what is going on for me it will help you. Maybe you will pick up a practice that I am doing, or maybe it will get you to look at your life differently, or maybe even something totally different.

Live Life with Sean will start out on Thursday, 20-Aug-2020. It will be live at 8 pm EDT and I will be open for you to come and ask your questions in the chat. The general format of the podcast will be me getting you present, talking about a topic, offering you a tool or walking you through a process to connect deeper with the topic, and then let you know what the next podcast will be about. I am going to try and keep the podcast between 30-40 minutes and we will see where it goes.

Why wait until 20th? Morning Calm will end on Day 100 and that is scheduled for 13-Aug-2020 and that gives me time to let go of Morning Calm as I am building up the energy around Live Life with Sean. It also lets me focus on building up to Morning Calm Day 100 without having to worry about my other endeavors.

I am looking forward to what will come through me on Live Life with Sean and I hope that you will join me either live or on the published podcast. As with Morning Calm, please send me your questions and comments. I have loved all the comments that I have received about Morning Calm and I am very grateful and thankful for them.