Kick Start Your Week got rolling this morning at 8:30 am EDT! Kick Start Your Week is going to be a weekly meditation to get you ready for your week and you do not need to be live to get the benefits from the meditation. So, listen whenever you can and if you like it, please share it! I will be posting the live link on social media around 8 am EDT on Mondays. Keep an eye out for #kickstartyourweek to find the link. You can also find the replay on my YouTube channel. So, please subscribe there and leave a comment as this helps people find the meditation.

And yes, for those who know me, I did do Kick Start Your Week about ten years ago. After 100 Days of Morning Calm, Kick Start Your Week felt like the perfect replacement so that I could open up for another endeavour, Live Life with Sean, which will launch on Thursday this week.

I thank everybody who supported and sent me comments during 100 Day of Morning Calm. I hope that Kick Start Your Week and Live Life with Sean can help you as well!