Live Life with Sean starts tomorrow! Live Life with Sean will be recorded live on Thursday at 8pm. You can catch the show live, or the recording, at this link. If you join live, you will be able to ask questions via the chat and I will either answer the questions live, or in my blog after the show. In each show, I am going to be asking a thought provoking question. I will tell you what the question means to me, how it impacted me, and how I dealt with it. I am also going to give you with a tool or process that can help you deal with any of your own issues that might come up around what I am talking about.

In the first episode, I am going to be answering What is Live Life? Why am I calling the show Live Life with Sean? How did I come up with Live Life? What the heck is Live Life anyway? And since this is the first recording, I am also going to tell you a bit about my background and how I go to where I am today. I won’t tell my whole story, because I am sure you are going to want to know more about Live Life than about me.

The show recording will be available via the live link, which will be posted via social media on the day of the show. The episode will also be posted to my YouTube channel and the podcast site which will be available on your favorite podcast players. If you like the show, please subscribe to it, like it, and/or leave a comment about it. This will help others find Live Life with Sean.