In the first episode of Live Life with Sean, I lead a meditation to connect you with what Live Life might mean to you, and somebody asked me, What if I did not hear anything? First off, it is ok, you will always get something. Sometimes it happens at the subconscious level and not the conscious level and I know that it does not feel like that helps, but it does. You may want to be aware of a signs popping up as you go about your life. It could be an opportunity you did not think about before that comes your way, or a surprise connection with someone. Look for something out of the ordinary. This is also similar to situations when you listen to a meditation and you go unconscious only to wake up when the leader is wrapping up the meditation. I know this can be frustrating and it happens to me depending on the meditation that I am listening to. It is ok.

Second, you could go back and listen to the meditation again. Maybe something needed to clear in your subconscious mind before you conscious mind could hear the message. This is what is happening when you go unconscious and it may take a few times before your conscious mind gets the message. Try letting go of the expectation that something has to happen and then maybe your conscious mind will get the message.

Third, maybe you were focused on hearing something and you got information through another sense, like sight. Did you get an image and you were ignoring it because you thought you should hear something? Sometimes you get something that totally does not make sense and you ignored it. I remember reading the energy of a situation and the image that I got was a fly. I said to myself, How was a fly going to help this woman’s situation? But, instead of ignoring the fly, I followed the train of thought and got the following.

  • What happens with you have a fly around you? You shoo it away.
  • What happens after you shoo it away? It goes away for a moment and then, it comes back.
  • What happens then? You repeat the process.

As I felt into that image of me shooing a fly again and again, I got the feeling that this woman had an old boyfriend in her past that kept showing up from time to time, bothering her for a bit, and then leaving her alone. After I said it, she admitted that I was right and we started diving into that situation and how she could better handle it.

Fourth, maybe you were expecting something. You were expecting confirmation that what you are doing is what you should be doing and the energy wanted to show you something different. If you were not open to the possibilities, then the other options will not be available. I am going to talk about this in the next episode of Live Life with Sean. The topic of the next show will be What do you need to let go of? What are you holding onto in your life that is preventing you from becoming who you were meant to be in this lifetime?

Bottom line, whatever you got from the meditation is what you needed in that moment and I know that some of you are saying, But I got nothing. It may appear to your conscious mind that you got nothing and this nothing could be laying the groundwork for other breakthroughs, because you took the time and did it. Good for you!

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