What do you need to let go of?

Letting go is something that I have been thinking and writing about for a long time, which I did not realize until I sat down and re-read some of my writings about the topic as I was preparing to talk about it on my podcast and there are may aspects to letting go that need to be examined. The three that I want to focus on in this blog post are:

  • Letting go of stuff.
  • Letting go of the perfect match.
  • Letting go of thoughts or beliefs.

Letting Go of Stuff

How many of us have way too much stuff? I know that I do. If you have seen any of my videos, you know that I have a lot of stuff on the shelves behind me and much of it, I could probably let go of, but I do not. Why? Well, some of the stuff, I might need some day. If you look behind me there are several coffee cups that might be useful at some point, but really, do I need them? Some of the stuff are memories and gifts. If I have a gift from somebody and I do not use it, how long do I have to keep it?

And, the stuff on my shelves is just the beginning. I love technology and I love to play with technology. So, I have a fair bit of technology around my house. Is all of it being used, no, but I might need it some day. Talk about playing with technology, a year or so ago, I went on a headphone hunt and backed several new headphones. I hate to say it, but I backed at least 5 different headphone technologies. Why? Well, each one had some cool new feature and I thought it would be better than the last one. Well, it really didn’t work out that well and I finally let go of most of the sets and stopped buying headphones.

How much stuff do you have that you should probably let go of? It is taking up your space, which means it is taking up your energy, and do you really need it? Take some time today and let go of one thing.

Letting Go of the Perfect Match

How often are we so focused on something that we miss a perfectly good opportunity? For example, when have you been looking for a job and think you have found the perfect opportunity only to skip over one that might be better because you were too focused on the perfect? It is good to have goals and objectives, but do not become so focused on the specifics of the goal that you lose sight of the bigger picture. If you want a fast car, and you focus only on getting a Red Ferrari, would you give up the opportunity to have a Yellow Lamborghini? Yes, I know there are some people who believe a Ferrari is way better than a Lamborghini, but for the majority of those who want a fast car, does it really matter?

As I was thinking about letting go of the perfect match, the following quote came to mind, Let Go and Get God. At first, I could not understand why this quote came to me, because when I originally heard Let Go and Let God, it felt to me like I did not need to do anything, just pray to God and He will provide. Now, there is some truth in that, but as I leaned into the perfect match and Let Go and Let God, I started to understand that Let Go and Let God is not about not working towards your goal. You still need to work towards your goal, but let God worry about the details. Let Him worry about if the fast car is going to be a Red Ferrari or a Yellow Lamborghini.

Letting Go of Thoughts or Beliefs

What thoughts or beliefs are you holding onto that you might want to let go of? I know for me a big one that has been the focus of my writing is letting go of the need to be liked. I admit that I have done or said things in my life, because I thought that is what people wanted me to do or say so that I could be liked and I know it has cost me along the way. When I look at some of the things that I have done, like saying yes when I know I should have said no. I know that I have limited myself and my personal development, and I guess, in my case, I have been a slow learner and I am finally letting go of being liked. One day at a time.

Sometimes I amaze myself with what I write, and in one of my writings about letting go of being liked, I wrote Not caring what people think is different from not caring about them. I believed that for people to believe I cared about them, I needed them to like me. As I sit here now and read that, tying caring for someone with being liked by them is like saying, I will only love you, if you love me first.

I can hear some of you out there, I am doing or saying that, not because I want to be loved, but because I love them. Really? Sit with that for a moment. If you are doing something for somebody only to be liked, do you really love them? I think there is a difference in doing something because you want to express your love versus you wanting to be liked. For me, when I am doing something to express love, I am much happier with what I am doing.

So, what thoughts or beliefs are you holding onto that you should really consider letting go of? How many of them are rooted in I want to be liked? I know that I have layered on several beliefs on top of being liked and some of which I had to get rid of to write this message, like who wants to hear my message. If I cased about who wants to hear my message, you would not be seeing my podcast or my blog. I am doing this because I want to share my love and if it helps you, great. If not, I am ok with that.

One final thought to leave you with on letting go of being liked. There are more than 7 billion people on Earth, I am sure there is at least one of them that will like you for who you are! Probably more than one!

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