This past week, I said goodbye to two people in my life. On Monday, I found out that my uncle, Edmond Curtin Higgins, had past away. Uncle Ed was probably the reason that I went to Purdue. After I had completed all my college applications, an application for Purdue University appeared in my mailbox. I had no idea where it came from and it was free to apply, so I applied and got accepted. I know that my uncle Ed went there and I can only assume he had the application sent to me. Ed was the youngest of my father’s brothers. As I was talking to my sister about his passing this week, we remembered that the last time we really spent time with Ed. It was in the Adirondack Mountains on Lake Champagne. During the week we were there, he took us on a hike up Giant Mountain. That was a wonderful family trip and a fond memory of Uncle Ed. I know that Uncle Ed had some health issues towards the end and I pray he is at peace now.

On Friday, we laid my father-in-law to rest, Vernon Duncan Gooding. Vern had past away back in February, but due to his large family, we were waiting until June to have a Celebration of Life. With COVID-19, all of that was put on hold and the family finally decided to do a small local family only service. It was nice that five of his six remaining children were able to attend. Unfortunately, the only one who could not was his son living in the US. The family shared many stories of growing up, the things they did as a family, and their memories of "Poppa". Vern was 96 years old when he past away. He survived being lost overnight as a three year old, and being a POW in World War II. He outlived two lovely wives in his life, and leaves behind many children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. His mind was sharp and he always had a smile for me when I saw him. Thank you for welcoming me into your family and Rest In Peace now.