I have been spending a bit of time this week thinking about what do you want? I have been thinking of it as the topic for this week’s podcast. I think that I have been struggling with writing something to draw people in and get them thinking, and telling my story. When I originally wrote about what do you want?, it was more about getting people thinking versus letting them know my thoughts. Yes, there were some of my thoughts in there, but a lot of it was trying to bring people along.

I have been trying to put that aside and just think about what I want and not worrying about the writing for people or my podcast. So, what do I want? I want:

  • To travel. I want to see and experience the world. I want to see other cultures and meet other people. I have been grateful that my job has allowed me to do some of this.
  • To coach people. To help them with their journey. I have taught and helped people with my job, but this would be specifically helping them on a personal level.
  • To write. I enjoy writing and my biggest issue has been my fear of being seen versus the writing. I know there has been a fair bit of stuff that I have written that I could have published on a blog or maybe even a book, but I have been afraid of what people might see.
  • To speak. I enjoy speaking to people. I think part of this has come from the teaching that I embraced earlier in my career. I am grateful have been able to have do this through work about information security, which has opened some door to other topics.
  • To be outdoors. I enjoy being outdoors, walking specifically. I have enjoyed traveling and walking cities that I have been in. When I spent all that time on the road, my perfect evening was walking, exploring, and seeing what I could find.
  • To spent time with friends. One of the benefits of travel is that I have met some wonderful people and I have been lucky to visit places where I have had friends and I have gotten to spend time with them.
  • To tinker with technology. I guess if I have a hobby, it would be tinkering with technology. I like to play with technology and see how it works, which leads me to seeing how I can use it.

If I spent time to really think about my perfect day, I would wake up early, exercise, and meditate. I would spend some time writing. I would meet with one or more people to help them with some issue. I would have some time to tinker with technology. In the evening, I would either be spending time with friends or speaking.

I know that I have thought about a big house, but what I would really like in a house is a big kitchen/dinning/gathering area to entertain friends and four bedrooms. Why four? Master bedroom plus one for each child and their family, or one for each of my siblings and their family. I would like a bit of property so that the neighbors are not too close and be somewhere where there are outdoor activities for everybody to do. An office to gather my thoughts and meet with people and a workshop for my tech tinkering. One final piece would be a workout area to start my day.

Now that I have felt into this, what do I need to change to get me this?

I need to be more open with people. Being willing to put myself out there. Showing them who I am. Standing up for what I believe in. Being willing to have those conversations that are difficult and where I might be wrong.

As I write this, the word that comes to me is love. To be more loving. To love people where they are at. To love them enough to tell them what is true. To love them enough to stand up and tell them they are wrong. To love them enough to hear when I am wrong. To be able to receive their love. To be able to ask for help.

It feels good to really think about what I want. Now, what do you want? Has this changed any of the things that you wanted? You can also listen to my thoughts on my most recent podcast. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to it, like it, or comment about it as this helps others find the podcast. If would like a coaching session with me, please go to Connect with Sean page and enter your information.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!