Morning Calm

Sean C. Higgins

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Morning Calm Overview

Morning Calm is a morning meditation to help you get ready for your day. I do Morning Calm live weekdays at 8:30 am EDT. To watch the daily Morning Calm, just click on the link above and you can watch it live, or get the current replay. You do not need to be live to get the benefits from the meditation. So, listen whenever it is convenient for you. You can also watch the previous replays which are available on my YouTube Channel.

I will be sending out a reminder post around 8am EDT on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can search for #morningcalmwithsean. Please share the post with anybody who you think would benefit.

I will be producing Morning Calm using Microsoft Teams Live Events. If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams Live Events, please read Using Microsoft Teams Live Events from Microsoft. You do not need to download the Microsoft Teams client or create an account to watch. Just tell Teams you want to "Watch on the web instead" and then select "Join anonymously". To become familiar with Microsoft Teams Live Events, click here to see my video introduction to Morning Calm.

I am also a coach and if you would like to talk to somebody about what you are going through, just click on Connect with Sean and send me your information, or connect with me directly one of the social media identities listed above.

Above all else, stay calm, stay safe, stay healthy, and have a wonderful day.